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Why blogging is important for a business?

Blogging, in the early 90’s was just a way to express someone’s thoughts, feelings, experiences or opinions. It was taken as an online journal or diary. But over time it has grown into an influential tool for businesses. It is no longer an individual’s hobby and has become a platform used by millions, from individuals to businesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies ignore the fact that it could actually be beneficial for their businesses.

And, in this digital world, with these technological advancements it is important to leave a mark on the user with your online presence and for them to reach your website.

How does traffic reach your website?

  • Either they already know about you, search for your company online and reach your website.
  • Or, from various social media platforms.
  • Otherwise, through paid ads.

What if I tell you a very cost effective way to get traffic on your website where all you need is few hours of your week. The technique is “Blogging”! If you’re one of those people who believe that it’s just a waste of time then I am sure you will change your views after reading this post about how it is truly enhance your business and its image.

  1. Drive traffic to your website:

    Put inbound links to your website in your blog posts and transfer the traffic from the post to the website. You can share these on various social media platforms and give your social followers a reason to click on your website.

  2. Increase your SEO:

    Your website might have 3-4 pages or few more and it might have some selective keywords. And let’s say that you update your website every 6 months. What are your chances of being found on Search Engines with limited keywords? Very less! Do you know that whenever you publish a blog post you’re adding one page that’ll be indexed to your website. If you’re blogging regularly, you’re adding keywords that will help you in SEO. It is a key factor for beating out your competitors.

  3. Position your brand as an industry leader:

    Blogging helps you brand yourself as an expert. It’s the best way to tell your customers and audience that you’re the best in what you do. Tell them, what technologies you use, what practises you follow and how you’re different from your competitors. Over a period of time, you will become the go to resource for helpful and informative content. It helps you build trust about your brand among potential buyers.

  4. Develop better customer relationships:

    Want to connect to your target audience in a non-spammy way? Then try blogging. It gives you an opportunity to reach out to your current customers and your target audience as well.

  5. Helps convert traffic to leads:

    Now, you know that blogging helps you reach out to the right audience. But how do you convert them into leads? Well, the answer is simple. When visitors sign up for your blog, they become leads.

  6. Communicates your brand image:

    Your blog acts as a medium to manifest your brand image. It gives you an opportunity to:

  • Give an inside look of your company
  • Give sense of your corporate standard
  • Overview of your brand’s story
  • Illustrate your brand’s business voice and personality


Blog posts give you real long term results. You’ll keep getting the benefits even after publishing the post. It is free marketing tool for any company. I hope you’re convinced by now.

Happy Blogging!


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