team outing at goa

Team outing to Goa!

A month back we decided to take a break from work and go for a team outing to Goa. And that’s how the planning for the trip started. One of our developers, Vishal, along with our co-founder, Roshit, took the initiative of making all the arrangements. We boarded the state transport AC bus from the central bus stand at 7 on the evening of 31st of March.

Since all of us are Cricket fans and didn’t want to miss the WCT20 semi-final between India and West Indies, our CTO, Siddharth, streamed the match on 4G (jugaad chal gaya!). Though the screen size was small, the match brought the entire bus to life. We stopped for some yummy dosas at Kamat Yatrinivas for dinner.

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We reached Panjim bus stand at 8 o’clock in the morning and soon checked in at Sea Mist Resort in North Goa. To relax ourselves from the overnight bus journey we decided to dive into the swimming pool right away and play volleyball. Post a 3 hour pool session, the hungry faces started discussing where to go for lunch. Mayur, our CPO who is well acquainted with Goa took us all for lunch to an amazing shack, Zanzibar, at Baga Beach. We sat there chugging beers and eating sea food until sunset.

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Succeeding the therapeutic beach session, we came back to the resort to prepare ourselves for a late evening at Curlies Beach Shack, South Anjuna. The place was not that crowded and we all moved towards the beach with drinks in our hand. The place is filled with small food stalls. They sell Maggi noodles and bread omelet in exciting variations.

We spent the evening listening to the waves and feeling the cold breeze, lost in our own thoughts about life, happiness and the things that matter. When you look at the vastness of the sea you forget your problems, your past, you stop worrying about the future and realize how small your existence is compared to the whole world. Not in a bad way but in a positive sense that encourages you, inspires you and helps you find your true self which you somehow lose while living your daily routine.

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Since this outing was about all fun and no work, we headed over to the swimming pool after breakfast, the next morning. Everyone eager to show their diving skills started jumping into the pool one by one exhibiting their talent. It brought a crazy smile on all the faces around.

We headed to a Greek style restaurant, Thalassa, perched on a hilltop overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea. Our generous founders sponsored the delicious lunch here.

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A beach trip is incomplete without a frisbee game. With the fading sun rays and cool breeze blowing around us, we went down the hill towards the beach for a frisbee game. It filled more energy into our already energized souls. 

Best part of the trip came next, the night for which everyone was waiting since the day one, the office party at Chronicle (a party club by the beach). Party started with Elaine’s birthday celebrations. 

Vinayak, one of our designers made it more happening by showcasing the dancer inside him. Everybody on the dance floor wanted to dance with him. Everything there had it’s own charm whether it was the ambience, the food or the drinks. It was a very special night because we as a family came together to celebrate our hard work, a perfect way to end our last night in Goa.

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After the fun filled night, we checked out of the resort the next day, had lunch and boarded a bus back to Bangalore.

It was a much needed break for everyone.


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