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UXR #4

“Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” – Albert Einstein

Another UXR has come and gone, and we’ve received excellent feedback from the startups. We attribute this to a shift in approach. We’ve realised that a one fit for all approach would not benefit everyone the same. So this UXR, we focussed on particular areas where we felt our participants needed guidance. More about that later.

The UXRoundtable is a monthly event held at the Wow Labz office in Indiranagar, where we invite startups for a peer to peer discussion on their product, focussing on user centered design. We strive each month to get leaner by understanding customer value and focussing our process to increase it. To this goal we experiment with the structure and flow of the event each month and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

i and my car

We had two startups this month. First up was Iandmycar. The product is envisioned to become an authentically helpful and valuable resource for anyone looking to buy a car. It caters to novices and experts, guiding them through the process of buying a car. We see this becoming a product that delights your neighbour’s middle aged wife who just learnt to drive and wants to buy her first car to your best friend who is an automobile nut. For the novice it offers a questionnaire with intelligent questions at the end of which it recommends cars to you. We talked about making this questionnaire a delightful, interactive experience that anyone would be tempted to answer, not just someone looking to buy a car. For people that have an idea of what they want, the website offers a graphical comparison of features ( right down to the minute little details). While a comparison of features is helpful, it relies on the user’s ability to gain insights from the comparison. To tackle this we discussed explaining the feature to the user and explaining what this comparison translates too. This tackles the intrinsic pitfall of a comparison; If  A performs lesser than B with respect to feature X does not mean A is bad. Both their performances on this metric could be well above average. Similarly talked about how to close the different engagement loops with valuable propositions for the customers.

playo new

The Second startup was Playo. A mobile platform for sports enthusiasts to find each other, plan games and book venues. With a lot of sports enthusiasts in the room we had a strong peer to peer discussion. We felt that Playo had a good and functional interface and that they had modelled their product well, stripping it down to the right essentials. The discussion here focussed more on smaller elements to enhance the user experience and how to aesthetically and minimally include elements. At Wow Labz we’ve designed a whole array of products across multiple domains and we’ve also seen quite a few startups and their products through previous UXR’s. With this experience, we were able to quickly list ideas that would revamp the look and feel of the interface drastically. Download their app called Playo on android and iOS and get back to playing.

This UXR we focussed on different elements for each of the startups. User acquisition, retention and satisfaction for Iandmycar, and improving Interface and visual elements for Playo. Both the startups found this tailor made product discussion helpful as they felt they got what they actually needed. And for us, we crossed another milestone in curating and improving our little brainchild, Onward and Upward!

If you’re a startup with a product, a UX designer or an enthusiast eager to participate in an enjoyable afternoon of design talk, check out our website UXR and sign up for the next edition.


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