Visual Design Cheatsheet

Visual Design should be a bigger part of UX than most other parts.

Most often design intervention in fixing any problem is inevitable, even more so in software and services that rely on software. More than any other aspect of design, Visual Design is the most scrutinized and ironically least thought out.

Here is a list of things that most designers miss out while considering what clothes to put on to the final wireframes:

1. Create Visual Design samples and style tiles

Any Visual Design stage should ideally begin with creation of Visual Design samples. A Visual Design sample is a small subset of your wireframe rendered in full detail, running select color palettes, font options, font size options, image recommendations, and footnotes on why the choice of the same.

Style tiles are not screens of the GUI, instead they are a representation of the different elements of the Visual Design that will become part of the UI, placed together harmoniously with each other. The more style tiles one creates more concepts emerge for the optimal visceral/visual experience.

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Kickass Interns @Wow

Bala Subramaniyam:

– Final year student at PSG college, Coimbatore
– Native place: Coimbatore
– Aspiring Developer

Overall Internship Experience:

“While I was working here at Wow, I never for even once felt that I was away from home. The respect and care given by people over at Wow was unbelievable. Overall it was an inspiring and wonderful experience!”

Responsibilities @Wow:

“The things I learned here are different when I compare it with my other classmates who did their internships at other places. I was part of the web team. I got a chance to work on four different projects within a time span of six months. I even got an opportunity to code for a web project completely by myself.”

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